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Powerful data insights for various industries

GoSimplo brings strategic insights to companies trough data visualization and benchmarking and helps them make sound and well-informed decisions.


Whether you are in creative, PR, marketing, or any other type of advertising industry, GoSimplo can help you visualize essential data insights.

Advertising industry


GoSimplo enables architects to build a data driven strategy, enhancing their creativity with the power of data.


Consulting engineers

Data driven insights empower consulting engineers to better understand their own numbers.

Consulting engineer

IT consultants

GoSimplo helps IT consultants keep track of their employees and clients so they can focus on kick-ass code and advisory.

IT consultancy


Stay on top of your employees performance, clients and finance, so you can focus on the legal projects for your clients.


Management consultants

If your business is helping other companies thrive, GoSimplo helps management consultancies do the same with strategic data insights.

Management consultancy


Does your business not match any of the other industries? No worries - if you use one of the systems we integrate with, you can use GoSimplo.


GoSimplo today.